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Lodge officers and events 20

At our normal communication held in May 2006 we also held a service to acknowledge the fact it was our 75 anniversary, and to pay tribute to our foundation members as well as those members who had past since our last memorial service held in 2001. At our meeting we had a few distinguished guests. The service was conducted by RW Bro C McCurdy who was a Past Grand Lodge Chaplin. We were also honoured to have in attendance our Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro Robert Armstrong, his deputy RW Bro C Burns, and V.W. Bro A Stewart Provincial Assistant Secretary. Also in attendance we had W Bro H McClements Provincial Inspector , W Bro S Thompson Provincial Organist , and our own RW Bro Robert Campbell Past Grand Senior Warden.

On the evening we had 21 lodge members and 34 guests. The evening I think was a great success and we collected £350.00 in our charity collection. A special thanks goes out to all who attended, our distinguished guests who made the evening very special, the caterer for the wonderful food and to the stewards on the evening who were kept extremely busy. Below are photographs of the evening which I hope you all enjoy.


Each year when the Worshipful Master completes his term in office he is presented with a Past Masters Jewel. In an attempt to maintain the Lodge history, were possible we re-issue jewels which have been returned to the Lodge by the brethren or their families. Only in a rare occasion would we purchase new jewels. W. Bro W Morrison who was Worshipful Master in 1943 returned his jewel shown here to the Lodge in the year 2000. The jewel was then re-issued in 2001 to W. Bro P McCallin, sadly W.Bro Morrison passed away in 2004 aged 99 years. To maintain the history of the jewel the jewel remained in its original state with the engraving of the name of the original recipient on the rear, and a bar was affixed to the front showing the details of the new recipient.

The Builders

The whole of the constructional work has been carried out by Messrs C & W McQuoid Ltd, Roden Street, Belfast, under the personal supervision of Mr W.J. McQuoid, and the contract has been completed in a thoroughly satisfactory manor. This is not Messrs McQuoid’s first experience in the erection of a building of the kind, as they built the Newtownards Road Masonic Hall, which serves the east end of the city. The work on this job reflects credit on the firm and on the workmen engaged, all having given of their best. All cupboards, lockers , were prepared in the firm’s shops as all the other woodwork, and also the artificial stone used in the gate piers and the wall bounding Park Road.


Belfast Brick

The bricks used in the construction building were supplied by the well-known local firm, the Lagonvale Estate Brick and Terra-Cotta Co, Ltd, whose works are at Stranmillis. A glance at the new hall shows what a fine appearance good brickwork can have when the bricks are of good quality. As for wear, little need be said, for Lagonvale bricks have proved their worth years ago, and are proving it to-day in buildings in every part of Belfast and up and down Ulster.

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