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Local Tiles

Among the contractors is another local firm Durabello Ltd of Grovenor Place who make a speciality of tiles and are developing a useful industry. It is always pleasant to record the success of a home firm that is helping to keep going Belfast’s trade and industry. Durabello make a speciality of teiling, terrazo mosaic, composition flooring, & c., and the Durus tiles used in the new hall were manufactured and supplied by them.


These tiles in black and white provide a very effective flooring in the decorative sense, and they have the merit of looking clean and of being easily kept in that condition. They contribute very much to the atmosphere of freshness and brightness in the building. Durabello- who use British materials- have supplied tiling to new Ulster police barracks, Corporation houses at the Seaview site, and houses built by the Irish Soldiers and Sailors Land Trust.

Ornamental Ironworks

Another local contractor who has contributed to the work is Mr. Henry Austin, 112 Cullingtree Road, who supplied the wrought iron railings surrounding the site. The railings bounding Park Road, as has already been said, is of a pleasing ornamental design, and has been worked with great care, the finished job reflecting every credit on the contractor.


What happens in a Masonic lodge

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The secret meetings

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They might have the ultimate power

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