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      The Jewel



The Past Masters Jewel


Each year when the Worshipful Master completes his term in office he is presented with a Past Masters Jewel. In an attempt to maintain the Lodge history, were possible we re-issue jewels which have been returned to the Lodge by the brethren or their families. Only in a rare occasion would we purchase new jewels. W. Bro W Morrison who was Worshipful Master in 1943 returned his jewel shown here to the Lodge in the year 2000. The jewel was then re-issued in 2001 to W. Bro P McCallin, sadly W.Bro Morrison passed away in 2004 aged 99 years.

To maintain the history of the jewel the jewel remained in its original state with the engraving of the name of the original  recipient on the rear, and a bar was affixed to the front showing the details of the new recipient.





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