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      75th ANNIVERSARY



80th Anniversary

At our normal communication to be held on 20th May 2011  we will also hold a service to acknowledge the fact it is our 80 anniversary,  At the meeting we hope to have a few distinguished guests in attenedace.

We will also be recognising the fact that our our own RW Bro Robert Campbell Past Grand Senior Warden will celebrate being a member of the fraterity for 60 Years.

On this particular evening we will also hold an open night for our friends who would be minded to join our fraternity.

Anyone who would be attending or bring guests  should let the secretary know so he can book meals


At our normal communication held in May 2006  we also held a service to acknowledge the fact it was our 75 anniversary, and to pay tribute to our foundation members as well as those members who had past since our last memorial service held in 2001. At our meeting we had a few distinguished guests. The service was conducted by RW Bro C McCurdy who was a  Past Grand Lodge Chaplin. We were also honoured to have in attendance our  Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro Robert Armstrong, his deputy RW Bro C Burns, and V.W. Bro A Stewart Provincial Assistant Secretary. Also in attendance we had W Bro H McClements Provincial Inspector , W Bro S Thompson Provincial Organist , and our own RW Bro Robert Campbell Past Grand Senior Warden.

On the evening we had 21 lodge members and 34 guests.  The evening I think was a great success and we collected 350.00 in our charity collection. A special thanks  goes out to all who attended, our distinguished guests who made the evening very special, the caterer for the wonderful food and to the stewards on the evening who were kept extremely busy. I would apoligise in advance if I have missed  anyone out . Below are photographs of the evening which I hope you all enjoy.

Anyone who attended and would like to comment please use our guest book.


Lodge members and guests.



ST Helen Masonic Lodge Members and Distinguished Guests


From Left - Right

R.W.Bro C Burns.(Provincial Deputy Grand Master).

R.W.Bro Robert J Armstrong.(Provincial Grand Master).

W.Bro Wallace W McCoy.( Worshipful Master  St Helens 641).

R.W.Bro Charles McCurdy.( Past Grand Chaplin).

R.W.Bro Robert Campbell.( Past Grand Senior Warden). 





Left - Right

R.W. Cecil Burns (Deputy Grand Master).  

R.W Robert.J. Armstrong (Provincial Grand Master).

 R.W. Bro Robert Campbell ( Past Grand Senior Warden). 


R.W.Bro Robert Campbell is the most senior members of our lodge, he has been a member of the order for over 50 years and he ican be seen here wearing his 50 year jewel on his collarette.

He has also been our Provincial Grand Master and has attained office as Senior Grand Warden at The Grand Lodge of Ireland.


Here we see our Master of Ceremonies W.Bro Ronnie Andrews doing what he does best, organising everyone!

Also in shot is the Assistant Provincial Secretary and our Provincial Grand Master.



Bro. Jim Fielding giving our toast to our guests .


V.W.Bro Alan Stewart responding on behalf of the guests.



Our guests toasting our Lodge .



The cornerstone of our order is charity. Here we see our Steward of Charities W.Bro Tom Boyd convincing everyone they should dig deep.He done well as we collected 350 on the evening. Well done!!



General Photographs of the evening


Below shows the relief on our Stewards faces that the night is nearly over!!!




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  Robert Campbell  

  Past Masters  

  The Jewel  

  Foundation Members  

  Park Road Masonic Hall  

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